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For Film Festivals

Learn all about Festivault at www.joinfestivault.com

How can we include our film festival on Festivault?
The process is super easy. Just shoot us an email at joinfestivault@gmail.com and our team will get right back to you to walk you through the process.

How long will the festival programming remain online?
Your festival will be accessible on Festivault for the same duration as your physical film festival, beginning the day after your physical film festival ends.
For example, if your festival is 5 days long and it ends on June 10th, Festivault will launch your program on June 11th and run it for 5 days.
Our goal is to increase your festival's exposure and ticket sales while making sure that our platform does not deter people from physically attending your festival. We encourage you to let your audience know that they can watch the films they might have missed or want to watch again by visiting your program on Festivault.

Do all our filmmakers have to participate in Festivault?

No. Filmmakers can individually opt out and we will exclude their film from the program.  We have an email template that you can use to send to all filmmakers participation in your film festival.  

How will our program be promoted on Festivault?

We will promote your festival programming through our social media channels and traditional advertising - promoting your festival nationally (and in some cases, globally) to expand the reach of your film festival. Think of us as the digital extension of your film festival. We grow as you grow!

How will this affect the filmmaker’s chances for distribution?

Our platform aims to increase their chance of finding distribution. Typically, film festivals can only reach distributors and audiences that physically attend that festival. Distributors and buyers, however, are limited to either their own cities or their schedule. With Festivault, they have to chance to view every premiere and find every hidden gem.
To reiterate, the films will be off of our platform days after the festival ends so the filmmakers can continue their festival run. Our platform simply puts their films in front of more potential buyers.  

How else can we use Festivault to promote our event?

Festivault is a essentially the digital extension of your film festival. We encourage you to let press, audience members, and sponsors know that the festival will be extended on a digital platform once the physical festival is over. This gives everyone the opportunity to see films that they may have missed during the festival run.

This is a great upsell for all those who attended your festival but didn't get a chance to catch the films they had hoped to see, for whatever reason. Now they can network with fellow filmmakers at the physical festival, while continuing to enjoy your festival at home and catching any remaining movies.