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What is Festivault?
Festivault is a platform that brings the physical film festival online. “Attend” film festivals all around the world from the comfort of your home simply by purchasing a Festivault FEST PASS. 

What is a Fest Pass?
A Fest Pass is your online ticket to access and enjoy ALL the films from participating film festivals. When you purchase a Fest Pass for a specific film festival, you can view all the films in that film festival for the duration of the pass. This online pass works exactly the same as any physical pass you would buy to a film festival. Once the festival is over, the films will no longer be available on our platform and the pass expires.
You can find the FEST PASS, pricing, and release date information on the top banner of each participating film festival.

Can I see films from other festivals with my pass?
Nope. Each film festival has its own pass with its own price tag. To view films from other film festivals, you must first purchase a Fest Pass for that specific film festival.

How much is a Fest Pass?
Each film festival is in control of its own Fest Pass prices, so cost may vary depending on the duration and the festival’s offerings. Typically, passes range from $20 to $40 per film festival. 

What does my Fest Pass purchase included?
Never before seen movies, streaming straight to your devices! Your Fest Pass purchase includes access to films within the specific film festival you selected. Film festivals give us digital access to their programming, and we, in return, bring that programming to you digitally.  

Are all the films from the film festival available with the pass?
For the most part, yes! Although it is uncommon, occasionally one or two films may not be included with a Festivault Fest Pass if the filmmakers choose not to participate in our platform for whatever reason. If that happens, we will (of course) respect the wishes of the filmmakers and accommodate their needs. On average, 95% of the film festival’s programming is included in your pass purchase.

Can I cancel and get a refund for my order?
We do not currently offer any refunds due to our agreements with the film festivals.

Can I just buy a ticket to see one film?
No. Our passes are for the entire programming for each film festival. In order to see a specific film in a given film festival, you will have to buy the fest pass for that film festival. But guess what? Now you can watch a bunch of killer movies with your pass.

Do I get paid for referring a friend to Festivault?
Yes!  Festivault has a affiliate program and we will pay you 25% of all sales from referrals.  You can view our affiliate program page for more details.  

Can I transfer my pass to someone else?
We do not currently offer pass transfers - but feel free to make some popcorn and invite your friends over to enjoy some mind-blowing films. Festivault binge watching parties are highly encouraged - just be sure to tag us on Instagram (@festivault) so we don't feel left out! ;)